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Past paper question pattern - Depth Study, Germany 1918-45

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Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start?

Why was Hitler able to dominate Germany by 1934?  The Nazi regime: Did the Nazis control Germany, 1933-45? The Nazi regime: what was it like to live in Nazi Germany? 
May 2000 √ war, hyperinflation, Weimar success?   ~ coercion, persuasion, consent  ~ youth and opposition
Nov 2000 √ Versailles ~ Rise to power consequence of Versailles ~ persecution of minorities  ~ success of domestic policies
May 2001 √~ revolutions, Versailles, why Weimar failed ~ elections 30-32 ~ coercion, persuasion, consent  
Nov 2001 √  Stresemann's FP, Weimar success? Munich Putsch, ~ concentration camp ~ final solution and opposition
May 2002   √~ 1929-34, SA, why Hitler appointed, Notlk ~ opposition, Goebbels  
Nov 2002 √ Freikorps, revolutions, Versailles   ~ Jews, coercion, persuasion, consent ~ final solution
May 2003   √ Nazis 1920s, Munich Putsch elections 30-33   youth and women
Nov 2003 √ hyperinflation, Ruhr, Weimar success? ~ Enabling Act ~ media, opposition, coercion, persuasion, consent  
May 2004   Munich Putsch, impact Wall Street Crash and Notlk ~ propaganda,  - coercion, persuasion, consent ~  youth, how popular
Nov 2004   √ Nazis 1920s, why Hitler appointed Chancellor? ~ economic policy - totalitarian state? women
May 2005 Kapp P, Economic crises, hyperinflation     ~  youth, persecution
Nov 2005 Spartacists, Versailles, Weimar recovery?     youth, women, how popular?

= complete question 
~ = part question

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