To Make a Collapsible List Ė Matthew Arscott


Just create any simple web page in FrontPage


A collapsible table can be created anywhere, in a table or just on a plain page

You have to make a multi-level table using numbers or bullet points. To create another level (which is necessary) you use this button by clicking it 2 times until you get another symbol for a bullet point (it will disappear on the first click). If you want to go out a level you can use this button


As soon as you have created a table like this



Fourth Layer


Second Layer


Third Layer


First Layer


Right click on first bullet point of the list go down to list properties


You might need to do this several times until you have these options at the bottom of the page. When you have them you have to check the first box but if you want the list to be unclasped when you open the page then donít check the second


then click ok.



The list will not be collapsed when you are on FrontPage, and you will be able to use and view the results when you preview in browser


Unfortunately you are unable to add dynamic effects to a list but you can add hyperlinks and pictures.


With Help From John D Clare

Mathew Arscott


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