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The Reichstag Fire Trial - Roleplay - The Film


This is the trial that never took place. Rather than Marinus van der Lubbe, it is the Nazi party who stand accused of setting the Reichstag ablaze.  As part of a elaborate conspiracy intended to frame the Communists, the Nazis are accused of starting the Reichstag fire in order to allow Hitler to destroy the opposition party before the crucial elections of March 1933.  10 key witnesses are brought forward to give evidence and to be cross-examined by both lawyers in turn. The trial begins with the opening statements from the counsel for the prosecution and counsel for the defence. 

  Opening Statements
Witnesses for Prosecution
William Shirer Arthur Koestler Herr Rauschning Franz Halder
Witnesses for the Defence
Van der Lubbe Dr Sack A Hayes Fireman Roth Herr Wingurth Sefton Delmer
Closing Statements


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