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Did most people benefit from Nazi rule? 

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Read both texts before you begin. Make notes which contribute to understanding of the question of whether people benefited from Nazi rule under the following headings:
  • Employment and the workers
  • Economy and living standards
  • Leisure and free time (Use handout sheet for examples)

Finally, draw up a revision diagram/table which plans an answer to the essay question 'did most people benefit from Nazi rule? You will need two columns dividing your page 'Yes' and 'No', with explanations and evidential support.

Grey and Little (56-57) 
Brooman Germany (73-75) and (86-7) 

Handout sheet '3740 Hours: Leisure in Nazi Germany'

The 1936 Berlin Olympics

"'A weak dictatorship' or 'masters of the Third Reich'? Which is the more accurate description of the Nazi leadership in the period 1933-45" Essay by Martyn Housden. (Potential IB students only)


Coercion, Persuasion and Consent diagrams to be completed with explanation and examples taken from this section added to the consent column i.e. examples that made people happy to support the Nazis. See original lesson on this
Revision Activity. You have been sent to Germany on a Top Secret Mission. Your task is to get hold of a bomb, leave it in a room where Hitler will be having a party, then make it back to England. Play the decision making game and revise your knowledge of life in Nazi Germany.
Play a Quandary decision making game. You are a spy for the British Secret Service in the 1930's.
Before you begin, download this worksheet and and fill it in as you go. An excellent revision activity before the end-of-unit test.