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Nazi Propaganda Film Website Activity - Resources

We begin by looking at two very different examples of propaganda film produced in Nazi Germany: Triumph of the Will and Hitlerjunge Quex. Extracts from both of these will be shown in class and you can also view short extracts on the links below. 

Triumph of the Will
Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will is still regarded by most film critics as one of the most important films of the 20th century. The following links are short extracts of famous scenes from the film. For example, the opening scene shows the highly symbolic airplane descending from the clouds over Nuremberg carrying Hitler the 'saviour' of the German people.  Despite being a blatant celebration of the ideals of Nazism, it is admired for its technique and power. It also raises difficult questions about the role of art and the artist in a 'totalitarian' society. (more) See also these extension questions about the relationship between art and propaganda.
Analysing Triumph of the Will - interviews from the BBC Documentary Hitler's Favourite Director
Watch George Steiner's analysis of Riefenstahl's film making technique 

Video 9mb

The guilt of Riefenstahl: Triumph of the Will, documentary or propaganda? 

Video 5mb

Hitlerjunge Quex
Hitlerjunge Quex was one of the few commercially successful pieces of direct Nazi propaganda and should be regarded as the model for your own film. In this final scene, Heini, the Hitler Youth hero dies after being attacked by the Communists. Of the film Goebbels said, 'If Hitler Youth Quex represents the first large-scale attempt to depict the ideas and world of National Socialism with the art of cinema, then one must say that this attempt, given the possibilities of modern technology, is a full-fledged success'. (more)
The famous last scene of Hitlerjunge Quex.

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What did Goebbels really think of Hitlerjunge Quex?

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