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How successful was the League of Nations in the 1930s? - Abyssinia Role Play

The Guilty Men?
Secretary of State for War - Viscount Halifax

y of State for War
 Viscount Halifax
Ministry for War - Briefing by Year 13 students

Andrew Boxer - Appeasement pp. 14-20

The department finds that going to war is a financial and logistical impossibility.

Biog of Halifax. Born in 1881, he had three older brothers who all died in infancy. He was educated in Eaton and then in Christ church Oxford. He was a viceroy of India from 1926 to 1931 and became ambassador to the United States in later life and as a foreign minister for Winston Churchill. He was a deeply religious man throughout his life. As a British conservative politician he was secretary of state for war during the Abyssinian crisis.

- The most pressing problem for our department is that our funding was cut since the great war. Our budget is currently a paltry 115 million pounds. Due to the anti-war feeling of after war and the war debt of the Great War. Therefore it is a financial impossibility to go to a war.

- Not only this, but also there are such great anti-war feeling amongst the public. It would be nigh impossible to move on.

- In addition, there is the logistical problem of transporting men vehicles supplies, aircraft to Ethiopia. Especially considering the possibility of Japanese expansion. Manchuria) We don't want to risk ships.

- The army is below pre-war level and this isn't help by the fact that our budget has been slashed so drastically. Also we have no conscription. Even if more men are needed.

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