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How successful was the League of Nations in the 1930s? - Abyssinia Role Play

The Guilty Men?
Foreign Secretary - Samuel Hoare

Foreign Secretary 
Samuel Hoare
Foreign Office - Briefing by Year 13 students

Andrew Boxer - Appeasement pp. 6-12

International Situational in the world in 1935

Dominions: - India is on the way to independence, they would offer us the greatest military support but cannot be relied on due to bitterness towards the Empire. - Canada / Australia / New Zealand are our closest and strongest allies, they would support us in the event of war because they recognise us as their greatest source of defence. However they are strongly opposed to military action.

Allies: - France is our closest ally but is against military action, they prefer a diplomatic approach to the problem. - Portugal is remaining neutral, but the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance forces them to give us a strong base in the Atlantic. - The United States of America will support us but are experiencing great economic difficulty and therefore are opposed to war. Also they would sell oil to our enemies to relieve economic internal pressure.

Enemies: - Italy if furious with the Anglo-German naval agreement signed in June 1935.

Overall: - If we do nothing the international community will frown upon us. - If we go to war the international community will also frown. - THEREFORE the best thing we can do is take a diplomatic path and apply pressure at the right places and the right times.

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