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Year 8
Archaeology Fieldtrip
Lascaux and Abri Pataud
June 2004
Year 9 
Tour de France
Year 7 hypertext glossaries for the European Medieval Pilgrimage Project.
Test your knowledge with the Year 8 archaeology quizzes
May 2004
Student reflections on Oradour-sur-Glane
Year 7 sketches of St Sernin's  medieval reliquaries
May 2004
When was England closest to revolution?
Year 9 History
May 2004
Year 7 History Trip to St Sernin, April 2004
Earth Day 2004 Events
Thursday 22nd 
April 2004
Year 12 Ecological Footprints
Year 9 French Revolution Websites 
April 2004
Bamber Gascoigne does 'University Challenge' in the History Room!
Year 7 
Earthquakes and Volcanoes Websites
April 2004
Who was to blame for the start of the Cold War? 
Year 11 debate
Spanish Civil War
Y12 History
International Culture Week
March 22-26
23 March Spring Day in Europe
an online bilingual debate for International Culture Week
IST Aviation Project
March 2004
Y7 Albi Project Trip
March 2004
We are watching ! ! ! Have you started your IGCSE
  History and Geography revision yet?
Year 8 visit to CitÚ de l'Espace, 
January 2004
Metlink 2004
January 26th - February 7th  
The Media Team's audio-visual record of the Versailles conference now live.
Year 9 in International Online History Project
The Versailles Peace Conference Roleplay November 12
Year 11 as the British Cabinet in 1935: Can they solve the Abyssinian crisis?
Stephen Walker in award winning mad medieval market trader performance!
Mr Jones-Nerzic leads seminar on teaching IGCSE history with a hypertext curriculum
Year 7 Hypertext 'Timeline of my Life'
October 2003
Y12 History complete their induction programme
Did you participate? Give your feedback here October 2003

Year 11 History Nazi Propaganda Websites and Movies Sept 2003
Y8 History Medieval Church board games Sept 2003
Mr Jones-Nerzic leads seminar on teaching history in a laptop classroom


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