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We began studying archaeology at the International School of Toulouse in December 2001. We were fortunate to be able to recruit a specialist archaeologist, Dr Sara Chavarria, to help us get the course up and running. 

The photos on the left (which may take a moment to load) show the progress of the final project of our first year, the excavation reconstruction of an arid desert site. 

Click here to go to the archaeology syllabus 2003.


In the first year, Sara taught an introductory course to both Year 8 and Year 9 and helped organise what will become an annual archaeological fieldtrip to the Dordogne

Sara has returned to the USA but has agreed to continue working with the Humanities Department as an associate teacher and online consultant for our new annual archaeology project in Year 8 Humanities. In 2003 we began a new syllabus based on Sara's work.



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