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What did you know about Oradour or the occupation of France during the Second World War before your visit to Oradour?

What were your first impressions on walking through the ruins? Describe what you saw but also what you felt. What did you think about?

Which parts of the ruins made the greatest impression on you and why? Is there something you particularly remember? Why do you think you remember it?

Did you visit the cemetery? What were your impressions? If you visited the underground memorial, what did you see? What did you feel when you saw the different ‘relics’ on display?

Why do you think they chose not to rebuild Oradour in the same place? Why do think the French government chose to make the ruins an historical monument? 

Can you think of any other historical events that are commemorated in a similar way? Have you visited them? How do they compare? 

Do you think that it is important that people know about Oradour? If so, why?




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