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The Versailles Project 2002

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The National Objectives to be posted by Friday November 8th







France (Georges Clemenceau) 

*Recognition that Germany was responsible for the First World War (especially in the western European territories).

 *The Kaiser to be put on trial for causing warfare and the support of the subsequent charges that go with this accusation.

*The restoration of the Alsace and Lorraine regions to French territorial status.

Cause: Stolen by Prussian Empire in 1871 and source of malcontent for many French nationals.

*The payment of damages caused by warfare on French territory, to be paid by Germany.

Cause: Enormous damage caused by German armies. France and her allies will not be held responsible for the financing of reparation work, as in the eyes of most of Europe, Germany initiated war.

*The drastic reduction in size of the German military as to hinder her power to make war.

*The creation of an independent Poland.

* The creation of an independent Rhineland, to act as a buffer state between France and Germany

*Germany to lose her colonies. Subject states to be shared equally between war ravaged countries.

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Serbia (Nicola Pasic) 


1.   There should be a parliament or organization to ensure better relations amongst countries. This organization or parliament should have equal votes for all countries regardless of the countryís size or power. 


2.   International Laws amongst countries to ensure peace and security for all of them, and to disable countries from declaring war on another country without just reasons. 


3.   Austria-Hungary to give up control of the lands in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia, so that a larger, stronger Slavic state with the name of Yugoslavia can be created. Yugoslavia would be a United Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.


4.   All invading armies to leave the Balkans.


5.   Port of Trieste should become part of Serbia, which would not only allow more access to international trade which would help our economy but also there are many Slavs living in that area which would want to be united with a greater Slavic state. 


6.   Germany and Austria-Hungary are responsible for the war, and they should accept the blame for it and pay reparations to help us rebuild what the have destroyed and improve our war damaged economy.


7.   Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Austria-Hungarian Emperor should stand trial.


8.   There should be free trade between countries.


9.   Reparations paid to all countries with damage from the war by the powers which lost, though not to the extent that their economy is crushed.


10.  Partial disarmament of all World Powers.


11. No secret alliances against one country.  Alliances should be known about by all World Powers.

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Britain (David Lloyd George)  

* Our main objective is to increase our empire. To do this we need to try and

   gain German and Turkish colonies especially Germanyís overseas colonies.

* We do not want Germany to suffer too much because Germany in the future if in

   the right form of mind could be a great help to our economy, she   

   could be a potential ally. Also there would only be more trouble in the future if

   she was treaty too harshly.

* However we do not want her economic power to overtake us so their industrial

   power needs to be reduced.

* France should not have the Rhineland, and we should be only prepared to make

   the Rhineland "demilitarised".


  • Want the German fleet to be handed over to GB
  • The Kaiser and the military leaders to be put on trial
  • Germany to lose Silesia
  • Germany should be allowed to recover
  • We cannot let Italy get away with her plot to destroy Germany forever.
  • We donít want Germany destroyed!
  • Canít let France get colonies Ė we must get them
  • Donít want Poland to ally with France, but with us Ė maybe we could co-operate economally

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Poland (Jozef Pilsudski) 

We want two crucial things: Independence and democracy.

But before we can have either, we want Poland to be recreated, using similar borders to those of Poland before 1792. These areas include west Ukraine, Silesia and much of Northern Austria-Hungary.

To insure any sort of future for Poland we must have a strong economy, though we will require funding to cerate it, it will be self sufficient as the Baltic Seaport of Silesia will allow essential trade with other countries. A secure passage to Silesia will split Germany in two, creating a safer Europe and a weaker Germany. We will need protection from any German or Russian threat ,this protection will come from a possible alliance with France and the other countries bordering Germany.

The liberation of the Polish peoples has been long awaited for and is vital for the stability of Europe as a whole.

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Italy (Vittorio Orlando) 

1)   Italy would like approximately 50x300 km  of the Adriatic Coast, in particular the Port of Fuime. Britain has already agreed with this in the Treaty of London that took place in 1915.                    

2)   We would like land from Southwest Austria. Austria is near us and is also a dying empire. No one else needs the land or has anything to lose if we owned it.

3)   We want military support from other countries because we feel that we may need allies in the future.

4)   We would like some power over German and Turkish colonies because we would like to extend land and to improve relations with Britain, who are also inclined to share control over these colonies.

5)   We are in favour of forming a new Yugoslavia. We shall aid Serbia and other neighbouring countries in any troubles they have in the future.

6)   Germany must sign to the fact that it was their fault that there was WWI. In order to pay compensations to the countries that suffered during the war

7)   Compensation paid to all victorious countries by Germany.

8)   All debts to the USA should be reduced.

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USA (Woodrow Wilson) 

My most important and vital objective is that of my Fourteen Points  which are all outlined in the following points, and in achieving these points, we will achieve Peace and avoid future wars:

1.     Peace will be maintained by having open diplomacy and no secret treaties

2.     The seas should be free because one of the reasons that America joined the war was because of German attacks on American shipping. All countries should be able to send ships anywhere without interference.
Poland should be included in these countries.

3.   Free trade

4.   World disarmament

     5.   Self-determination:

                  - Countries should leave Russian territory
. An independent Poland, which should include the territories inhabited by indisputably Polish populations. Belgium must be evacuated and restored. All French territory should be freed and the invaded portions restored so that the tension between Prussia and France which has existed since 1871 can finally come to an end. A readjustment of the frontiers of Italy should be effected along clearly recognisable lines of nationality. The peoples of Austria-Hungary should be accorded the freest opportunity to autonomous development Romania, Serbia and Montenegro should be evacuated and occupied territories restored. The Turkish portion of the Ottoman Empire should be assured a secure sovereignty, (the other nationalities which under Turkish rule should be assured an undoubted security of life and unmolested opportunity of development, the Dardanelles should be opened as a free passage to ships and commerce under international guarantees.)

       6.   A League of Nations

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