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London c1600: What was fine and what was foul?

The Debate 2002


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Best Costume (Girl) - Karoline Best Costume (Boy) - Ben Best Ruff - anon
For the 2002 debate, students were awarded merits for the best costumes, as well as best role-play debate. This year the students themselves marked (a la Eurovision) who they thought were the best role-players. Students could give a maximum of ten marks for each performance, five for the dramatic quality and five for the quality of the history. There were 18 students in class on the day and therefore students were marked out of a maximum of 160. (Each pair of students did not mark themselves) Eight students were awarded merits for achieving more than 100 points.

The Winners 

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Robert Karoline Ben Gabby Mike Hope Theo
The Bloopers and other highlights
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