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The Industrial Revolution: Change Diagrams

Shock! Horror!
Y9 Historians complete assignment using paper and glue!!

For their 'Thinking the Enquiry Through' activity, Year 9 historians make overlapping diagrams to show the interconnected changes that occurred socially, economically and politically during the Industrial Revolution. We found that the easiest way to do this was to make paper cards and glue them onto a large (A2) piece of card. 

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(above) The Y9 History display board in 2004
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Ronan George Charlotte Maddie
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Paul Jesus Shane Ellen
(above) The Y9 History display board in 2003

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(above) Rachelle    (below) Anna

(Above) The board in 2002

(Below) The display board in the Humanities classroom in 2001

(above) Sarah    (below) Annabel

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