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In terms of ICT facilities, the International School of Toulouse has one of the best equipped History departments in the world.

Computer Hardware

Digital Cameras/Video

The History department at the IST has exclusive access to three different types of digital camera/video. In addition to our departmental camera, the school has enough Sony Mavicas to enable students to work on digital video in small groups, as illustrated in this video . The department also has a Sony Cybershot which is ideal for stills and video on field trips and a professional Sony DCR-VX2000 which is used for school based video work. See the Digital Video pages for examples of student work with our cameras.

Sony Mavica Sony Cybershot Sony DCR-VX2000

Video Editing Software

The History room has a dedicated IB PC dedicated to video editing with Pinnacle software installed. All student IBM Thinkpads are run on XP which includes the latest version of Windows MovieMaker.