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                  France and Britain in playground brawl
Cara Peacock 12/11/02

          Tension is mounting before the meeting of the big powers due to commence tomorrow. No one is quite sure what will happen. Vicious rumours have been circulating quickly. This is Chinese Whispers on a European scale, and the competition between countries has been intensifying dramatically over the past week.

            There are few things we can be sure of about what will happen tomorrow, but each country has issued its main points of discussion, which Iím sure will feature strongly in the conference.

            Great Britain has many competitive and self-serving points.

        Germany should lose all its over seas colonies to Great Britain. They are very keen for them not to go to France.

        France must not take Rhineland, it should only be demilitarised.

        German fleet should go to Great Britain.

        No French alliance with Poland. (Rumours are that Great Britain actually wants an alliance with Poland herself for economic gain.)

        The Kaiser and military leaders should go on trial.

        Germany must not be destroyed, but let recover.

        Germany should lose Silesia.

It is clear to us that there is a strong anti French feeling here. Will this be apparent tomorrow? In fact, there has been a lot of finger pointing between Great Britain and France, who both feel that the other has been stealing their points for discussion. Are these playground politics what we really want to hear from the Great powers so close to such major discussions?

French aims are a lot more severe, and condemning of Germany. They are obviously still very anxious to take revenge.

        Reduction of German industrial power.

        She wants Germany to pay reparations. (This has been seconded by Serbia.)

        She wants Alsace Lorraine back. (The historic German capture of this area is obviously still very much in the minds of the French.)


The media team have heard very little from the remaining countries due to be present tomorrow, but their points are still very key to the outcomes.

Italy want:

        All debts to the USA to be reduced.

        Military support from other countries.

        Compensation paid from Germany to all victorious countries.

        Land from southwest Austria.

        Form a new Yugoslavia.

        Germany must admit to causing the war.

        Areas of the Adriatic coast.

        Power over German and Turkish colonies.

Poland wants



        Split Germany in two by taking a passage to Silesia.

        Alliance with France.

Serbia wants

        No secret alliances.

        Partial disarmament of all world powers.

        Kaiser Wilhelm II to stand trial with emperor of Austria Hungary.

        Free trade between countries.

        Port of Trieste.

        Invading armies to leave Balkans.

        Organisation to insure better relations between countries.

        Repairations paid to damaged countries.

        Germany and Austria Hungary to accept the blame for war.

        International laws to ensure peace.

        Yugoslavia to be created.

The USA wants

        No secret treaties.

        Open diplomacy.

        The seas to be free to be sailed on.

        Free trade.


        Independent Poland.

        Belgium evacuated and restored.