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By Grace Ogden 



Date: Event in my life:: World event:
1994 I was born The rwanda genocide happened and killed 800000
1997 First day of nursery Princess Diana dies in a car crash in Paris.
1999 First day in infants school Solar Eclipse
2001 I moved out to France Toulouse chemical factory explosion. Killed 29 and left  2000 injured.
2001 I went to my first french school Twin towers hit and killed 3260 people
2003 I moved to the IST England won the rugby world cup
2003 I got my first dog, Bo Sadam Hussein was captured
2004 I moved into Year 6 The olympics happened in Athens, Greece
2004 Got my pet tortoise, Phabio Ruissan school seige
2005 First day in secondary New Orleans flood
2005 I got my second dog, Tequila London Bombings