Time Line of my Life  
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Date My Life Event in the world
1994 I was born Winter Olympic Games held in Lillehammer
1995 I learnt to walk (Dec 10th) The DVD was launched
1996 I got my first little drum kit European Football Championship
1997 My sister was born Tony Blair elected British Prime Minister
1998 My First year at infant school John Glenn becomes oldest astronaut 
1999 I Started to properly ride a bike The London Eye was built
2000 Tour of Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore The Millennium
2001 Page boy at wedding Plane crash into twin towers.
2002 I started primary school Terrorist bomb in Bali kills hundreds
2003 We got our first cat called Nutmeg The UK government recognises British sign language as an official British language.
2004 I Moved to France Indian Ocean earthquake
2005 Our tour of Turkey by yacht An ETA car bomb injures 31 people at a conference centre in Madrid.
2006 I started senior school Fifa world cup