My Life

The World


I was born on the 21st October  Apartheid ends.
1991 My Christening on April 4th   The Gulf War
1992 I started nursery from September   The earth summit is held in Rio De Janeiro
1993 I started swimming lessons   Peace agreement between Israel and Palestinians 
1994 I started school from September   The first black president, Nelson Mandela 
1995 My rabbit got eaten by a dog  The war in Yugoslavia ends. 
1996 Started Rainbows  
1997  Went on holiday to Florida for 3 weeks Princess Diana died 
1998 My 8th birthday party  War in Kosovo begins. 
1999  I moved to France on the 24th October   War in Kosovo ends
2000 I got my ears pieced   Millennium
2001  I went on holiday with my best friend  Attack on the World trade center.  
2002  My Grandad and Grandpa came over   India and Pakistan nearly when to war