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IB History Coursework - The Internal Assessment and Extended Essay

Getting Started
The key to a successful Internal Assessment or Extended Essay is choosing the right topic. It can be just about on any topic you like from any historical period. It does not have to be covered in any other aspect of the IB syllabus. As well as being something you are interested in, it should also present with you with source materials that can be easily evaluated. Local and personal history topics are ideal but so are those topics which enable us to use the most of the ICT facilities at the school to use the Internet to access online resources and archives. 


Local History

Our local region has inspired a range of Internal Assessments from Roman Toulouse to Toulouse during WWII. But local history might also mean 'where you are from'. For example, Robin's 2005 IA examined the experience of the Island of Jersey during the German occupation. 

Family History

The Arts


Oral history

Heritage and museums

Declassified and archive work. 

Personal interest 

The IB course is an obvious source of ideas. With so much content to get through in less than two years you might enjoy the opportunity to spend a bit more time examining a period or event in a little more detail.


Film - David Hart's www.arts.adelaide.edu.au/personal/DHart/ Film History website at the University of Adelaide was one of the pioneering history sites on the web. No longer updated (he now works in the US for Liberty Fund) his site still provides plenty of useful information for history students interested in the cinema. 


Archives - an excellent source of primary information, particularly that which has only recently become publicly available, are the various national archives: USA  www.archives.gov/ UK www.pro.gov.uk/default.htm France http://www.archivesdefrance.culture.gouv.fr Ireland www.nationalarchives.ie  Scotland www.nas.gov.uk Canada www.archives.ca Australia www.naa.gov.au New Zealand www.archives.govt.nz  
UNESCO website Unesco has a portal of 104 National Archives around the world.