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   Imagine waking up every day and the only thing that is expected of you is taking care of your family and participating in charity events. No work life. No extensive social life. No freedom to make your own decisions for your own life. Women today take for granted all the freedom and possibilities that are offered to them. Women take their modern lives for granted and often forget that women some time ago were not as fortunate and had to fight to even participate in a conversation with men. It wasnít until World War One broke out in 1914 that women started to get a taste of what a manís world was like. They had to take on many responsibilities that before the breakout of the war were considered to be done only by men. Once the war was over in 1919, many conditions for women started to improve. And they improved further still when World War Two started and ended. This website is dedicated to the changes in womanís lives after the First and Second World Wars and how they initiated the development of womanís roles in society and everyday life.


Come and check out our quick PowerPoint Presentation on Women and the two World Wars.