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Why did the Nationalists Win? (ii)

The importance of international intervention or non-intervention.
Your notes need to contrast the effective military support given to the Nationalists by Portugal, Germany and Italy with the ineffective 27 member non-intervention committee led by Britain and France. (Farmer 193-4) Louise Phillips, a former student of mine, researched her IB extended essay on the importance of British non-intervention. Forrest (73-77) addresses the question 'What was the significance of German aid to the Nationalist side?' and produces plenty of useful evidence for you to note.  Culpin and Henig (233-4) also focus on the problem of Soviet aid. You need to be able explain their controversial statement that 'In the end, the Communist (USSR) takeover contributed powerfully to the Republican collapse'.   This imbalance between state led international aid for Franco and non-intervention for the Republic needs to be qualified by reference to the critical role of the 35, 000 International Brigade volunteers. (C&H 234-5). Forrest (94-98) analyses the question ' How did the International Brigades and the USSR affect the course and outcome of the war?' Forrest's  document exercise (87-90) might encourage you to empathize with the men you risked everything to fight for an ideal in the International Brigades.