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The Spanish Civil War (Essays)

Past Examination Questions (direct Spanish or civil war reference only)


Standard Level Questions (Paper 2)

May 1998 Account for the rise to power of either Juan Peron or Francisco Franco, and assess the impact upon either Argentina or Spain of your chosen ruler. (T3)
Nov 1998 No direct question
May 1999 Evaluate the role of ideological differences in two civil wars each chosen from a different region. (T1)

Explain with specific examples from their work, how artists have reacted to two of the following: Mexican Revolution; Spanish Civil War, Vietnam War. (T1)

To what extent was Spain under Franco (1939 to 1975) a Fascist state? (T3)

Nov 1999 No direct question
May 2000 Compare and contrast the effects for the country concerned of two of the following: the Chinese Civil War; the Nigerian Civil War; the Spanish Civil War. (T1)
Nov 2000 With reference to two civil wars each chosen from a different reason, discuss the view that civil wars are usually caused by economic problems rather than by political or religous differences. (T1)
May 2001 In what ways and for what reasons did foreign intervention play an important role in two civil wars, each chosen from a different reason. (T1)

Higher Level Questions (Paper 3)

Specimen What were the main causes and consequences of the Spanish Civil War?
May 1998 Analyse the causes and results of the Spanish Civil War.
Nov 1998 Assess the aims and achievements of Franco between 1936 and 1970.
May 1999 Explain in what ways and to what extent either Spain or Portugal moved away from dictatorship in the 1970s.
Nov 1999 Paper missing
May 2000 Explain why Franco's forces won the Spanish Civil War, and why the Republican forces lost.
Nov 2000 Why did the Constitutional Monarchy in Spain collapse in 1931?
May 2001 Assess the impact of political and constitutional developments in either Spain between 1930 and 1939, or Portugal between 1968 and 1976.