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Europe in 1914

Key Questions Activities Resources
What were the countries of Europe like before the First World War?

Which were the Great Powers of Europe and what were their strengths and weaknesses?

Class activity. Build an interactive map of Europe before 1914. Students take responsibility for researching and presenting information about an allocated European country. 

Individual activity. Read and make notes from Darby 7-18. There will be a factual test on this.

Watch the DVD The Great War episode 1

Textbook. Farmer, A., Modern European History 1890 - 1990 Chapter 1.

Students are also expected to explore the potential of the Internet as a research tool.

Darby, G. - Origins of the First World War. 

BBC - The Great War and BBC Website on World War 1.

Why is the period before the First World War known as the belle époque? Watch the People's Century video '1900: Age of Hope' and make notes as you watch.  The People's Century Website.