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The consequences of the First World War

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What were the areas of change and continuity in the nature of warfare represented by WWI? During the seminars on WWI you should have read and (outline) noted the whole of chapter 5 in Neil Stewart's The Changing Nature of Warfare. Here you should make particularly careful notes on the conclusion (99-100). Neil Stewart - The Changing Nature of Warfare (ch.5)
Was WWI a 'total war'? 


Make an expanded version of the diagram on Total War, Stewart (101). 


Neil Stewart - The Changing Nature of Warfare (ch.5)
What were the consequences of the First World War? Essay.

Notemaking activity. Outline the main political, economic, social and cultural consequences of WWI. 

Notemaking sheet.

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How were the arts affected by the war? Assess the impact of the war on art, literature and cinema in the 20th century. 

Why is warfare such a popular subject for 20th century art?

Films: La Grande Illusion - Jean Renoir, All Quiet on the Western Front -Lewis Milestone

Apocalypse Now - Francis Ford Coppola

The Student Discussion Forum.