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Why did the Nazis persecute different minority groups in Germany?

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Video and notemaking exercise. Video - The Nazis: a warning from history Episode 2 'Chaos and Consent'. 

Check out the BBC website that accompanies the series. It includes the complete text of the book of the series and many useful links.

This is a difficult but important subject. Begin by reading both texts carefully. For revision purposes you should make three sets of notes. Firstly, begin by explaining the Nazi ideas on race. Next make a timeline of the main events in the persecution of different groups. It is important that you include the evidence of persecution and discrimination that predates the Nazi period.  Finally, make notes about each of the groups persecuted. These final notes should also try to explain why the Nazis chose to persecute each particular group of people. Grey and Little (46-9) Brooman (76-81)

In 2002 Kimi produced a Website to help her organise her ideas about Nazi persecution. 

Question 4 on page 49 of Grey and Little. This should be treated as an essay. The concept of a 'turning point' in history is important when we want to judge 'how important' or 'how significant' particular changes are. Usually, there are as many changes/differences as there are continuities/similarities. All essays should recognise this.  Grey and Little (46-9) Brooman (76-81)
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