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Was Nazi Germany a 'totalitarian' State?

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A strange question for a IGCSE syllabus and one that is probably more appropriate to IB History. Some historians used the concept of 'totalitarianism' to draw comparisons between different single-party states, whether fascist or communist. States were said to be 'totalitarian' because they had apparently 'total' control over peoples' lives. The activity in Grey and Little (50) will get you to identify the 'totalitarian' features of Nazi Germany and lead you to inevitable conclusion that it wasn't completely 'totalitarian'. Grey and Little (50) 

"'A weak dictatorship' or 'masters of the Third Reich'? Which is the more accurate description of the Nazi leadership in the period 1933-45" Essay by Martyn Housden. (Potential IB students only)

Video - The Nazis: a warning from history Episode 2 'Chaos and Consent'. Part 2.

Check out the BBC website that accompanies the series. It includes the complete text of the book of the series and many useful links.