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The purpose of this activity is to reflect on the experience of visiting the ruins of Oradour. There is no right way of doing this but I have prepared some questions that will hopefully get you thinking. 

There are very few pictures of Oradour before the 10 June 1944, because most would have been destroyed in the fires. These photographs are therefore very valuable. 

These next pages provide photos of the ruins, the church and the cemetery. This final page of images has aerial photographs taken soon after the 10th June 1944 and two of the SS officers responsible for the killings.


This page of maps gives you some idea of how the massacre was organised. There is also a short video of the ruins (isdn/56k) which if nothing else, reminds me of how quiet the site was. 

Finally, there are some links to other websites about Oradour and related topics.


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