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Chopping and Changing: What happened when Henry VIII took control of the Church?

This is mission almost impossible! You have to design a booklet for Y5 pupils (9-10 years old) about why Henry VIII decided to break with the Roman Catholic Church. Not only do you need to be able to understand this complex event, you need to able to explain it clearly enough for younger pupils to be able to understand. Remember they will be carefully judging your work and deciding on the top three. 

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Henry VIII Roll of Honour

There should be three sections:

  1. Why did Henry VIII make the Break with Rome? Remember to mention the four factors: Love, Money, Faith and Power
  2. How did Henry VIII make the Break with Rome? This is is where you need to include your four pictures.
  3. What were the consequences of the Break with Rome? This is where you explain that things did not turn out as Henry planned!

Useful Images and the Year 5 assessment criteria and markscheme

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