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Year 8 History - Unit 4 - From Henry VIII to Elizabeth I

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What happened when Henry VIII took control of the Church?

Skills focus: causation and consequences.

All the 'Think' questions and 'Steps' 48-55. The Enquiry requires you to produce a very simple booklet for Y5 students to assess. More here.

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Think Through History  'Changing Minds' Chopping and Changing. What happened when Henry VIII took control of the Church? (48-55)

Activity details.

See the assessment criteria and mark sheet used by Year 5 to mark your work.

Can you interview Henry VIII for the local newspaper? 

Skills focus: Philosophy, Analysis and Communication

Produce a newspaper article based on an interview with Henry VIII. Paired work. Together decide on the questions to ask Henry. One account should be positive about Henry, one negative but both should be based on the same interview. How different can you make them?
Interview Henry VIII  
Forcing Minds to Change. 1547-1603: When was it most dangerous to speak your mind? All think questions and Step 1 and 2. Thinking your enquiry through is a 'Danger Chart' that explains when it was dangerous or safe to be a Catholic or a Protestant. This maybe presented in the form of an electronic game if you wish.

Click on Seb's Danger Chart from 2005 to get an idea about how this might be presented. 

Think Through History  'Changing Minds' Chapter 11 'Forcing Minds to Change' (94-101)

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The Armada: A Great Victory? Individual work. 

Read Aylett 28-29 and complete questions 1-3 on page 29. Then go to Student Education Forum and post your explanation of why the Armada was defeated.

Read Aylett 30-31 and complete questions 4-6 on page 31. 

JF Aylett - The Making of the United Kingdom

What happened to the Spanish Armada? 

Skills Focus: Philosophy, Analysis and Communication

Paired work. Write a newspaper account about the Spanish Armada, one from a Spanish perspective, one from an English perspective.

How to write bad history... Get further help on this activity. 

Worksheet: Spanish Armada Interpretations - the problem of doing history in an international school.

Extension Activity: Read a detailed account and then try an excellent activity on how national identity makes a difference to historical interpretation.