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Year 8 History - Unit 5 - The social history of early-modern Europe

Key Questions Activities Resources
Dead and Gone: How can we learn about hidden lives?  Think Questions and Steps. 'Thinking the Enquiry Through'.

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Previous student work.

Changing Minds Textbook Chapter 1

A Woman's Life: How can historians disagree when they are working from the same sources? Think Questions and Steps. 'Thinking the Enquiry Through'  is an essay, the best examples will be displayed here.

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Changing Minds Textbook Chapter 4

See Ben Anakena, George B George S

Get some useful images to illustrate your essay here. 

'So Famous a City': What was fine and what was foul in London life? Think Questions and Steps. 'Thinking the Enquiry Through' is a role-play debate. You also need to write a letter home to your parents in Italy that describes in detail the arguments you have had with your brother. 

See the video of Henry V and answer these questions about Shakespearean theatre. 

Changing Minds Textbook. Chapter 2

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Visher's Panorama of London 1616 (click to enlarge)

See the video of London c1600

Terrible Shakespeare handout (includes guide to swearing)
Terrible Tudor clothes (how to make a ruff etc.) 

See the photos and videos of previous debates:

Read Robert's and Anakena's accounts.

Extension Activity
Snapshots Menu

Try this online 'Snapshot' activity from the UK Public Record Office. Have a look at some private papers to find out 'What kind of man was William Shakespeare?'


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