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Year 8 History - Unit 6 - Archaeological Techniques

Key Questions Activities Resources
What are archaeological questions? Answer these introductory questions about the study of archaeology.
Jane McIntosh Archaeology pages 6-7

General Links
Why do archaeologists often have so little to work with? This next set of questions gets you thinking about some of the problems faced by archaeologists.
Jane McIntosh Archaeology pages 8-11

General Links

Can you successfully undertake an excavation in budget and before the developers move in?

Can you work in a team? Can you keep detailed records? Can you learn from your mistakes? 

Experience some of the realities of being an archaeologist by playing the Hunt the Ancestor game.

This is an excellent flash animation simulation of a archaeological excavation. Although designed as a game there is some serious learning to be done!

multimedia: hunt the ancestor

Click on the picture to download the game.
Excel worksheet
How does an archaeologist uncover the past? What techniques does the archaeologist use? The most important task for an archaeologist is interpretation of the site and finds. Before this can be done, there are a number of practical steps the archaeologist must take. We identify four practical stages in the archaeological process: planning, excavation, dating and conservation.
Jane McIntosh Archaeology pages 12-13, 22-3, 46, 54.
Can you identify the practical stages in a real archaeological dig? Watch video of Channel 4 Time Team excavation of Roman Ribchester. Note the various techniques used in the various stages of the excavation. 
Time Team video, Edge of Empire series 1. 
Understanding the past, interpreting the finds: why is context so important to archaeologists? Read McIntosh and then have a go at the following questions.
Jane McIntosh Archaeology pages 24-5
End of Unit Test.

Can you build your own?

Can you identify 20 essential archaeological facts?

Build a Hot Potatoes quiz for the content of the archaeological course so far complete. 

You must complete at least one multiple choice quiz and if you have time, one different type of quiz of your own choice.

Hot Potatoes version 5

You can download a copy from the link above or from the school server at Academic/Humanities. 

You will need to register your version to be able to do a complete game.

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