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Year 9 History - Unit 8 - Britain 1815-32

Key Questions Activities Resources
What was the English political system like at the time of the French Revolution? (Individual) Watch video Blackadder, series 3. 

Complete quiz whilst watching.

Check your answers PowerPoint

Blackadder DVD and Quiz.
Riot and Reform: When was Britain closest to revolution between 1815 and 1832? (Individual) Steps 1-4. Using Publisher, create a graph to show when England was closest to revolution. 

Click here to see good examples from previous years.

Complete the 'Thinking the enquiry through' by writing an essay that explains when England was closest to revolution.

'Riot and Reform' images.

(Group) Create a section for the website answering the question 'When was Britain closest to revolution between 1815 and 1832?'. You should have separate pages for Spa Fields 1816, Derbyshire 1817 (Pentridge), Peterloo 1819, Cato Street Conspiracy 1820, Reform Riots 1831-2. 

Minds and Machines: Britain 1750-1900. Chapter 7. 

What makes a country close to revolution? Click on the diagram to enlarge.

How_Close_to_Revolution.gif (125149 bytes)

For further information try Spartacus