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Year 9 History - Unit 7 - The French Revolution - Events

Key Questions Activities Resources
What was the significance of the storming of the Bastille? Write two accounts of the fall of the Bastille, one as an eyewitness, one as an historian. Activity 'Investigation' 1 in Whittock p13. When two accounts are complete answer the following (i) compare and contrast the two accounts, how are the accounts similar, how are they different? (ii) which of the two accounts is more reliable and why? Martyn Whittock The French revolution 1789-94 (12-13) Brooman 28-33
How did the Revolution change after July 1789? (Individual) Construct a timeline of events between the fall of the Bastille in July 1789 and the execution of the King in January 1793. Identify 5 important 'turning points' which resulted in significant changes in the history of France. (Group) Compare your timelines and design a new page of your website to include the timeline and five links to pages dedicated your 'turning point' events. Martyn Whittock The French revolution 1789-94 (16-19) Brooman (35-44)
What was the Reign of Terror?  (Group) Create a page with a timeline of the Terror. Again include linked pages about the following: Causes of the Terror, Law of Suspects, Guillotine, Results of the Terror, Cult of Reason, The coup of the Thermidor. Martyn Whittock The French revolution 1789-94 (24-29) Brooman (45-49)

On the Cult of Reason, have a look at this site on this French Revolutionary Calendar site or this one that allows you to calculate your birthday according to le Calendrier Républicain