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This special edition IB Madrid Trip DVD will be on sale very soon. The cost of the DVD is 10.  It contains a video diary of each day, 3 unique photo galleries, a bonus video, an itinerary of the trip and some acknowledgments of the soundtracks used and credits of the trip. All the profit that is raised from this sale will go to help Kevin, a child who is suffering from cerebral-palsy. A group of IB students are co-ordinating all sorts of fund-raising activities to help raise money for special treatment for Kevin (see the charity page). Buying this DVD is only one way that you can help. 

If you are interested in purchasing this DVD then WAIT till more information is posted - it wont be long! In the meantime you can watch a low quality version of the video diaries on the film page. Thank you.


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A John Coleman Production all funds from the sale of this dvd will go to help Kevin, a child suffering from cerebral-palsy.