The Timeline of my Life

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Lucas Carter


My Life

World Event

1993 I was born! Mosaic, the first world wide web major browser is introduced! 
1994 Started to walk! Nelson Mandela becomes first black president of South Africa
1995 I wore my first pair of glasses! The Federal building in Oklahoma City is bombed!
1996 I started school! Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced!
1997 When I did my first bike stunt! Success of first cloned sheep Dolly!
1998 I went skiing for the first time! France wins football world cup!
1999 My brother was born! I.S.T. opened!
2000 I started to play the guitar Air France Concorde crashes near Paris!
2001 Started to skateboard! A.Z.F. Factory explodes in Toulouse!
2002 Entered my first skateboard competition! Euro coins and notes started to be used by some E.U. members!
2003 Started to take drum lessons! Colombia Shuttle disaster!
2004 I got my first electric guitar! Saddam Hussien was found!
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