This is My Life

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Zak Connan


Year  My Life World Event
1993 I was born The Mississippi flood
1994 I walked my first steps and cut a tooth Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley
1995 I was electrocuted  Terrorist Attacks in New York
1996 My 6th Cousin was born (Joseph) Summer Olympics in Atlanta
1997 Started Pre-School Diana Princess of Wales Died
1998 I wore Spiderman pants to school Al-Qaida who blew up World Trade Centre were founded by Osama Bin-Laden 
1999 My Granddad Died Scottish parliament was set up to give Scotland the power to set up its own laws
2000 My Sister Olivia was born The Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia
2001 I made my First Holy Communion The Twin Towers were destroyed
2002 I moved to the new St. Mary's School Queen Elizabeth the 2nd's Golden Jubilee
2003 I moved to France Space shuttle "Columbia" crashed
2004 I Started Secondary School Saddam Hussein CAPTURED by the Americans.