Date Event in my life History
1994 (11.12) I was born in U.S.A. World Cup was held in U.S.A.
1995 I started to walk and talk. Bosnia Civil War ended.
1996 (20.5) My brother was born. Mad Cow Disease expanded to the world.
1997 I entered into the kindergarten. Mother Theresa died at the age of 87.
1998 I started learning piano and English. World Cup was held in France.
1999 I entered to the reception class. Euro began to be used as the unified currency in EU.
2000 We moved to a new house beside a river. Vladimir Putin was elected as the president of Russia.
2001 I entered into the primary school. Terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, killed thousands of people. (11.9)
2002 I started swimming. World Cup was held in South Korea and Japan.
2003 I started learning cello. The Iraq war broke out.
2004 Lobi and Lobo the two dogs became our family. Tsunami occurred in Indonesia and killed thousands of people.
2005 I came to France. 56 civilians were killed by the July 7 London terror.
2006 I became a Secondary student. World Cup in Germany. Italy and France won the Final, and Italy won on penalties.