Timeline Of My Life


Richard Walker

Date My Life History Of The World
1995 This is the year of course I was born Don't remember anything Republicans take control of Congress
1996 This is the year I moved to France I was only 11 months and 3 weeks old it was the day before my birthday I did remember quite alot I think. Dolly the sheep cloned. Very first clone shocked the world that you could clone.

I did not do much this year or I donít remember much.

Diana died in car crash in Paris sad day for the royal family.

I met Laura for the first time I was 3 years old and I have known her for 8 years.                :-(


France won the World Cup, England played in Toulouse.
1999 This is the year I came to this school I was one of the very first people to come here. More than 15,500 people die in earthquake in turkey, 600,000 left homeless.
2000 This was the best time of my life the  millennium that was the first time I stayed up till 12:00. We had a great time with Mr.Rackliff aswell. People all around the world people celebrate the 2nd millennium AD.
2001 It was year 2 and we did a pretend trip to Egypt and the factory exploded. 9/11 attacks on Americas only twin towers.
2002 This was one of the best school year we had the nicest teacher Mrs. Kramer a great year. Train attack in Madrid on comic relief day AKA Red Nose Day.
2003 Mrs. Ash had her 1st baby. Me and other people got to name Matilda because it was Be A Character From The Roald Dahl Books. The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates over Texas upon reentry, killing all 7
2005 The school witnessed Animal Info and The Talent Show. Tsunami hits Indonesia with terrible force kills thousands of innocent lives (Boxing day).
2006 We had an award winning teacher Mr. Gregg. Germany World Cup (Football) Italy wins.