Timeline of my life

By Claire Slade


My Life

World Events

1992 I was born and took my first gasp of air. Lost my dolly in the shop.
1993 I had my first birthday. 
1994  I went ice skating for the first time of my life. Common Wealth games.
1995  My little baby brother was born. The start of a funny future. 
1996 We moved to France, a happy future.
1997 Dad broke his leg. Princess Diana dies in a car crash. In Paris. 
1998  I went to Disney land Paris for my 6 birthday. It was very fun.
1999 The school opened and after about 1 month after it opened I went to IST. The Olympic games started. Come on run run.
2000 THE MILLENNIUM!!!. AND THE MILLENNIUM DOME WAS BUILT!!! The millennium. a brand new start.
2001 the twin towers came down. Two airplanes flew into the twin towers.
2002 I turned 10 2 digit number!!! The war against USA and Sadam Husane begins
2003 I got the worlds cutest baby rabbit. The war against USA and Sadam Husane continues