Timeline of my Life

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Martha Ward


My Life

World Event


I Was Born On  The 4th Of November Operation Desert Storm


I learned to walk Clinton is elected President of U S A 


First trip to California World trade Center is bombed 


Broke my finger Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hits Jupiter
1995 First trip to Disney World Jacques Chirac elected President of France
1996 Appeared on television New planet is discovered near forth closest star to Earth
1997 Started year 1 Lamb is cloned into adult sheep
1998 Began piano lessons French win World  Cup
1999 Got my dog Daisy First balloon flight around 
2000 My baby sister was born International space station operational
2001 First time to kneeboard Twin towers are hit
2002 My best friend's family decides to move to Cincinnati, OH The euro becomes legal money in Europe
2003 Moved to France Space shuttle Columbine breaks up on re-entry