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World event

1991 I was born in Germany. The gulf war.
1992 I had my first birthday party. Bill Clinton is elected as US president.
1993 My sister was born. World trade center is bombed.
1994 I move to India. The 1994 world cup.
1995 I had my first elephant ride. Windows 95 computer is released.
1996 I moved to Taiwan. Possible evidence that life exists on Mars.
1997 I started school at Kaohsuing American school. Princess Diana was killed in a car accident.
1998 I watched England against Argentina in the world cup. David Beckham got sent of for fouling a player in the world cup.
1999 I moved to England. The last year of the millennium dome.
2000 I got a dog called molly. Euro 2000 took place.
2001 We went on holiday to Dubai September the 11.
2002 I moved to France The Queen mother died.
2003 My dad went to hospital. Iraq / gulf war.