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  Viktor Behrens
Date My Life Event World Event
1991 I Was Born On The 22.12.1991 The Gulf War Started And Ended
1992 Spent My Winter Holidays In Canada  Los Angeles Ravaged By Race Riots
1993 Our First Apartment Of The Chateau Was Built Northern Ireland Peace Pact Is Signed
1994 My Brother Was Born Voters Stun Bill Clinton
1995 I Found My Cat Terrorism Hits Oklahoma
1996 I Learnt How To Swim And Cycle  Plane Crash Of A Boing 757
1997  I Started School At The ISHR In Hannover Second Attack On The Tamil Tiger Towers In Sri Lanka
1998 The First Time I Dived Through Waves  The Socialist Party Won Elections After 16 Years That The Conservative Party Rule IN Germany
1999 I Sold Melons On The Market Total Solar Eclipse
2000 I  Got A Real Scrambler Motorbike  The Expo 2000 In Hannover
2001 I Started School At The IST Terrorist Attack In The USA 
2002 I Started Swimming At Colomiers Biggest Flood Ever In Germany
2003 I Visited My Grandparents The Gigantic Dam Was Finished On The Yangtse Kiang River