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IB History Induction Programme - Student Work 

During the first three weeks of Y12, the school operates a system of induction to introduce the students to the skills required for the IB programme. As well as allowing the teachers to assess the study skills of the new students, it is also an opportunity for the students to get a taste of each of their six subjects and if necessary make changes in their options. 

At the heart of the Induction programme is an historical research activity. In pairs students research a 20th century history topic of their own choice, presenting their work in the form of a website and making a PowerPoint presentation to the class. As well as an opportunity to research a topic of interest it is also an opportunity to make the most of doing history in a laptop classroom.

The video was shot in 2003 and edited by Ashley


The 'Two Week' Websites from the Induction Class of 2003

Lia and Ashley
Cultural Revolution
Marie and Chiara
Women and War
Susannah and Julien
WWII in the Far East
Caity and Justine
The Vietnam War
Robin and Russell
Technology of War