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These are the test pages of the European Virtual School History Department's project on Europe and the Spanish Civil War. This is a project which we hope will involve teachers and students from all over Europe. It will be a website that chronicles the various European responses to the Spanish War of the 1936-39. The links above take you to the various themes of that European response.

It is hoped that schools will contribute to this project by researching and presenting the history of their own, local response to the Spanish Civil War. This might range from something as simple as a photograph of a local Spanish Civil war memorial, to something as major as an oral history project with interviews of surviving veterans of the International Brigade.

Schools may participate in one of two ways. Firstly, they might build a website of their own addressing one or more of the themes outlined above. When the school has produced its content, we can provide the links. Secondly, they might contribute to this website directly, providing us with text and images to share with other schools around the world. The content of this website is directed at students in the senior years of secondary school, aged 14-18 years old.

(Above) The British Battalion,  International Brigade, Flag 1936.

Richard Jones-Nerzic - February 2002





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If you have any questions about this project or would like to participate, please contact one of the members of the Virtual School History team.
Dalibor Svoboda (Head of Department) John Simkin (UK) Anders MacGregor-Thunell (Sweden)
Juan Carlos Ocaņa (Civics Department - Spain) Richard Jones-Nerzic (France) Marco Koene (Netherlands)
Julio Ponce Alberca (Spain) Kjell Dennersten (Cell Network - Sweden)