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Year Event from my life World event
1992 I was born (Then we lived in Halstead in a flat) Single European market
1993 I learnt to walk Gulf War ends
1994 I learnt to talk Shoemaker Levy hits Jupiter
1995 I learnt how to feed myself Hunting outlawed by MPs
1996 We lived in Wales Bomb at Atlanta Olympics
1997 We moved to Bristol, and I started school Mother Teresa dies
1998 I joined Stage Coach Theatre School France wins the World Cup
1999 We visited some friends in Wales and had a Millennium party President of Niger is killed in an ambush
2000 We moved to France Millennium
2001 I got my first guinea pig Twin Towers Collapse, then a factory explodes
2002 I learnt the word antidisestablishmentarianism (and forgot its meaning) Euro becomes France's currency
2003 My brother Gregory was born Shuttle Columbia breaks up on re-entry
2004 I started Secondary...

...and my guinea pig died. (Monday 13th)

Invasion of Iraq and Olympic games in Greece