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Year 7 History - Unit 2 - Medieval Village Life

Key Questions Activities Resources
What is an archaeologist and how can they help us find out about medieval peasants? 'Digging up the Past'. Investigation into the archaeological dig at Wharram Percy. 

'Think' questions pages 6-9. Step 1 page 9.

Medieval Minds Textbook. Chapter 1 'Digging Deep'.

Get electronic images of the archaeological sources.

What would a medieval village have looked like? The former chief guide at the archaeological site of Wharram Percy shares his knowledge

Extension Activity - Read Guardian newspaper article about findings at Wharram Percy

What can medieval books tell us about medieval peasants? 'Writing it Down'. Learning about peasants from medieval books. 'Think questions page 10 and Step 2 on page 11. 

Watch videos (very carefully) on the Luttrell Psalter and then see how many questions you can answer afterwards. 

Read more about the Luttrell Psalter.

Medieval Minds Textbook. Chapter 1 'Digging Deep'.

More about the Luttrell Psalter

Further links

Channel 4 videos on the Luttrell Psalter. A copy of this will be available for you to watch at home on your laptop. 

Questions for Programme 1
Questions for Programme 2
Extension Activities
What can court records tell us about medieval peasants? 'Think' questions on pages 11-13. Step 3 on page 13.  Medieval Minds Textbook. Chapter 1 'Digging Deep'.

An introduction to manorial records from medieval genealogy.org.uk 

Click on the image below to get a big picture of a manorial court record scroll.

manorial_court.jpg (99237 bytes)

How can we find out about and what can we find out about medieval peasants? Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for an international conference. Ignore the inquiry in the book and complete this one instead. Medieval Minds textbook. 'Thinking your enquiry through' (p. 13) is of some use but remember to follow this activity. 

See Laura's PowerPoint from 2002. Warning this may take a moment to load.

Cross curricular Humanities - Extension Activity

What can Medieval maps tell us about life in Medieval Europe?

Complete an on-line activity about Medieval maps.

Best efforts will be awarded merits.

'What was Chertsey like in the Middle Ages?'

Interactive Decision-Making Game from Mr. Tarr at ActiveHistory Can you find the missing pieces of the time machine?!

(a) Complete the MAP WORKSHEET

(b) Complete either the Jobs Worksheet or the structured questions.

Medieval Town and Village Game