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Welcome to IB History at the International School of Toulouse


Recommended Textbook
New for 2009, the official IB History Course Companion published by Oxford University Press is the first textbook to offer complete coverage of the SL syllabus. It also has the official backing of the IBO. 

Coursework Gallery

Internal Assessment Extended Essay

Induction Projects

Y12 history group complete their intensive induction into IB history in a laptop classroom. All students had to research and write an essay, a website and a PowerPoint presentation.

Versailles Project

By the time the Versailles project entered its seventh year in December 2006 this successful role-play activity had become one of the Humanities Department's most important annual events. 

Standard Level

Topic 1  -  WW1, The Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil War, Vietnam
Topic 3
- Mao's China Lenin,   Spain 
Topic 5
- The Cold War

Higher Level European Option

13 - Tsarist Russia to The Communist Revolution
14 - The causes, course and effects of WWI
15 - The inter-war years, 1919 to 1939
17 - The Iberian Peninsula in the 20th century
18 - The causes, course and effects of WWII