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The course proper begins with an overview of Europe in 1914 Nothing precise but essential nonetheless. 
The First World War is of fundamental importance. We study this in three parts. The first section examines the complex causes of the war.  The causes, course and consequences of the First World War are major topics which overlap between both Standard/Higher Level Topic 1:  Causes, Practices and Effects of War and Higher Level Subject 14.  You might expect questions on this topic in both Paper 2 (Standard Level) and Paper 3 (Higher Level).
Download Unit 1 Study Guide - The Causes and Consequences of the First World War From belle époque to Wall Street Crash (1890-1929)
The second section focuses on the nature of the war as a turning point in the general history of warfare. (Standard Level Topic 1)
The final section examines the consequences of WWI. The activities associated with this include the annual Versailles Treaty role play activity with Y10 students in November. (November 12 in 2003)
The Cold War Standard Level Topic 5. Towards the end of the first term the non-chronological topic of the Cold War begins. One lesson each week will be dedicated to this important topic throughout the remainder of the year.