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Topic IB Syllabus Reference
Russia before 1917 Although this is important background for Standard Level students, much of the examinable content of this first section is aimed at Higher Level students: HL subject 13 ‘Tsarist Russia to Communist USSR’ (Examination Paper 3).
Download Unit 2 Study Guide - Russia 1894-1924 Tsarist Russia to Communist USSR - 10 Days that Shook the World
Marxism (and while we're about it) ideologies in general. An understanding of ideologies and Marxism in particular, is essential to a thorough understanding of the 20th century. You might be asked questions about the importance of ideologies to a civil war or the extent to which Mao's China was communist. 
1917: Year of Revolution You might expect questions on these topic in both Paper 2 (Standard Level) and Paper 3 (Higher Level). 

For all students the rule of the Soviet leader Lenin is ‘material for detailed study’ for Topic 3, The rise and rule of single-party states. The Russian Civil War is also a ‘named’ conflict in Topic 1 and offers a second opportunity to study the causes, practises and effects of war

For Higher Level students only, Russia 1894-1924 also covers most of the content of ‘Tsarist Russia to Communist USSR’, (HL subject 13)

Lenin's Russia
The Cold War
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