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Welcome to IGCSE History at the International School of Toulouse. 

This was the IGCSE History site at the International School of Toulouse. Current students can find the relevant sections of the hypertext curriculum through the term links on the left of the page. Parents and prospective students may find these introductory pages of some use.

Coursework assignments and support materials can be found here and examination preparation and revision activities here.

Year 10 - Begin the course by exploring the complex reasons behind the outbreak of the First World War. They conclude the first unit by debating the causes of the war and the peace treaties which ended it. In Term 2 the focus is Weimar Germany and the Nazi revolution. In Term 3 we explore the Nazi regime from 1933-45. Topics include propaganda, coercion, young people and women.

Year 11 - Begins with the causes of WWII and the aftermath. We look at the origins of the Cold War on American and Soviet sides of the 'iron curtain'. In Term 5 we look at significant events in the Cold War, including the Cuban missile crisis and the Vietnam war. The course concludes by explaining the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Nazi Propaganda Films.  Your task will design a Nazi propaganda film The Reichstag Fire website

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